The marvilous under water world of the Algarve in Portugal is full of a big variety of living species. In its flora and fauna, you can observe lots of different organisms, which live in the marine ecosystem in this region.  It is amazing to see so much biodiversity together, from micro organism, like plancton to the observation of mammals, like whales and dolfins. 

71% of the earth’s surface is coverd by water, yet it is estimated that only 5% of all life in the oceans are actually investigated. 

Diver’s Cove invites you to discover and observe a small, but beautiful part of our oceans through the scuba diving sport in an easy and save way. Weather you are diving for the first time and want to try it out or you are an experienced diver we have an offering for everyone.

 Here starts a big advanture of exploring different organism that live under and above the water of our seas. Let Diver’s Cove and the Algarve open a new world of sea life, with its’ magnificent splendor and allow you to view a large variety of many species like:



 Peixe porco, tiggerfish, Pez ballesta - Congro, Conger, Congrio - Sargo, White seabream, Sargo

Sardinha, Sardine, Sardina - Salmonete, Red mullet, Salmoneta - Pargo, Red porgy, Pargo

Pescada branca, European hake, Merluza europea - Peixe galo, John Dory, Pez de San Pedro

Robalo, Sea bass, Lubina - Linguado, Sole, Lenguado - Corvina, Meagre, Curvina

Dourada, Gilt-head seabream, Dorada - Tremelga de olhos, Common torpedo, Torpedo común

Atum, Yellowfin tuna, Atún - Moreia, Moray eel, Morena - Cavala, Chub mackerel, Estornino

Raía pinta, Thornback ray, Raya de espeinas - Ratáo águia, Eagle ray, Raya águila

Cabra ríscada, Streaked gumard, Cabra rayada - Rascasso vermelho, Scorpionfish, Pez escorpión

Marinha, Pipperfish, Pez pipa marino - Cavalo marínho, Seahorse, Caballito de mar

Marachomba babosa, Tompot blenny, Pez blenio - Serrano rojo, Blacktail comber, Cabrilla comber


Polvo, octopus, Pulpo - Lula, Squid, Calamar - Choco, Cuttlefish, Sepia



Navalheira, Swimcrab, Cangrejo nadador - Santola, Spider crab, Cangrejo araña

Sapateira, Edible crab, Buey de mar - Lagosta, Spiny lobster, Langosta - Camarão, Shrimp, camarón

Caranguejo ermita, Hermit crab, Cangrejo ermitaño - Cavaco, Small lobster, Langosta pala



Estrela do mar, Starfish, Etrella de mar - Ouriço do mar, Spined sea urchin, Erizo de mar

Pepino do mar, Sea cucumber, pepino de mar - Ofiurideo, Brittlestar, Estrella frágil de mar

Nudibránquio, Nudibranch, Nudibránquios - Cerianto, Tube anemone, anemona tubular