We also offer boat dives.

Mondays, for example, we are taking the big boat "Via Sagres" leaving from Lagos to dive on two of the four spots in front of the bizare rockformation of the "Ponta da Piedade". Nondivers once more are welcome to join us on an unforgettable day on board. While the divers are discovering the amazing underwater world, they can swim, enjoy the scenery or simply relax on the boat. During the survace interval we have the traditional "Frango Piri Piri" (spicy chicken) for lunch. While the divers go for the second dive our visitors will be taken into the world wide unique rock formation of the "Ponta da Piedade" by a smaller boat.

We also dive with a smaller boat leaving from the port in Sagres. Here our divers will find a special under water world, because of the swiss cheese rockformations and little caves like the "cathedral". Taking part on a trip to Sagres it is worth going just a little bit further to europes most south western point the "Cape of San Vincent". Doing so, it will be one more unforgettable day for our divers and non divers.

For our experienced divers and advanced dive students we will as well be diving by boat to discover 4 big portugese marine wrecks. These wrecks were specially cleaned and prepared for divers and sunk 2012 and 2013 in front of the shore from Alvor in 30m depth. Not just the fregatte "Hermenegildo" offers a new home for many smaller and bigger fishschools, with its total length of 103m. Unfortunately we cannot take nondivers on this boattrip, but they will have time to wander around the beautiful historical part of Lagos or relax on the famous beach Praia da Rocha in Portimao.